Only 20% of eligible children 12-18 vaccination so far in T&T

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Only 20% of eligible children 12-18 vaccination so far in T&T

Only 20 % of eligible school children between the ages of 12-18 years have been vaccinated so far according to Education Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly. Minister Gadsby-Dolly have the information based on information from the Ministry of Health.

She was speaking during the commissioning ceremony for the Siparia Union Presbyterian Primary School yesterday. The Minister said she was not satisfied with the rate of vaccination of the nation’s school aged eligible children so far.

The Minisyer said: “We would have hoped that it would continue and even increase from where it started. We were at 3,500 (vaccinations) a day at the start and I think we’re down to maybe 1,500 or less than that now. So, no, we are not satisfied and take this time to urge the parents to carry your children out.”

The Prime Minister and Education Minister both earlier indicated that government was hoping to have at least 70 % of eligible school children vaccinated to facilitate limited reintroduction of face to face classes in the upcoming school term.

The plan was to be able to safely allow forms four, five and six back into the classroom at the start once vaccination levels provided a level of some saftey from the possibility of spread of covid-19.

The Minister continued to urge parents to have their children who are eligible for the vaccine to have their children vaccinated.