Online fraudsters caught in POS


Online fraudsters caught in POS

Police are asking the victims of a Facebook robbery scam to come forward after they arrested three suspects on Tuesday.

Reports indicate that three men from Beetham Gardens, ages 22, 26 and 28, have been scamming innocent victims by purporting to sell sale items. When the victims meet the men, usually in Port-of-Spain where the bandits agree to meet potential buyers, the suspects rob them.

One victim was robbed on Tuesday morning after responding to an advertisement the men posted to Facebook. Following the incident which occurred at a mall on Frederick Street, the victim alerted officers who were nearby, and the men were caught and detained by police.

The suspects are expected to be placed on an identification parade next week, and police are asking persons who would have fallen victim to the crimes to contact them.

The men have reportedly robbed a number of persons in the past.