Oh Yum Yum! Young baker makes a comeback

Oh Yum Yum! Young baker makes a comeback

Shania Moonsammy, 20, owner of online cake store, Oh Yum Yumm, has made a 360 degree turn in 2020 with the recent showcase of a cake she displayed on her Facebook page.

Back in 2019 a Facebook post by one of Moonsammy’s cusomters, Dana Pierre began circulating – after she complained about a cake she had ordered from Oh Yum Yumm for her partner’s birthday.

Pierre attached two photos — the cake she wanted replicated, and the actual cake she got.



However most recently Moonsammy, after receiving help and support from several persons within the industry, testified that her skills have improved.

She said that she would up her game and improve her cake making skills.

Below is one of the cakes she recently did for a client –

She captioned: “Truthfully, I try to stay away from anything with eyes because it’s not my strong suit, YET.”

“But when someone who took me to the movies from the age of 4-7 years called and asked for a #sonicthehedgehog cake for his daughter, I couldn’t say no!
Not too bad for a first attempt at Sonic”