Officials Say Hundreds Held Like Hostages Inside Mariupol Hospital

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Officials Say Hundreds Held Like Hostages Inside Mariupol Hospital

The BBC is reporting Russian troops are holding 400 people, including doctors and patients, “like hostages” inside a hospital in Mariupol.

Earlier about 2,000 cars carrying civilians managed to leave the city, which has been devastated by intense Russian bombardment.

Meanwhile, Kyiv Mayor, Vitali Klitschko, has announced a 35-hour curfew in the capital, warning of “a difficult and dangerous moment”.

Russian air strikes hit a metro station and residential buildings overnight, killing four people.

Ukranian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has appeared to suggest the country should accept it won’t be able to join the Nato military alliance.

Speaking at a video conference with military officials earlier today, the Ukranian president said, “Ukraine is not a member of Nato. We understand that. We are adequate people.”

President Zelensky said  “We have heard for years that the doors were open, but we also heard that we could not join, it’s a truth and it must be recognised.

“I am glad that our people are beginning to understand this and rely on themselves and our partners who help us.”

Before the invasion, Vladimir Putin had demanded that Ukraine was banned from ever joining Nato, as one of the “security guarantees” Moscow was seeking.

Meanwhile, 97 children have died since Russian invasion of Ukraine – Zelensky

During his address to Canadian Members of Parliament, President Zelensky says that almost a hundred children have died during Russian’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President explains the southern besieged city of Mariupol has been left without communication networks and nearly running out of food.

President Zelensky adds that 97 children had been reportedly killed since the war began.