Nutramix raises flour price

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Nutramix raises flour price

Nutrimix Flour Mills is also putting customers on alert for a price increase.

This is one day after the National Flour Mills announced an increase in the cost of flour to consumers.

In a release yesterday, the company said it will increase the price of its flour products as it continues to face the negative impacts of global wheat production.

“The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, severe weather conditions in several grain and wheat-producing countries and the decision by some of the world’s largest wheat-producing nations to curtail their exports have contributed to price escalations on the international markets that have adversely affected all countries,” Nutrimix stated.

The company said in the face of global uncertainty and insecurity, it was focused on securing a reliable supply of wheat and freight to ensure the country and its customers have a reliable supply. It said while it takes its responsibility for food security seriously, the company cannot afford to absorb higher prices for commodities any longer.