NUGFW President says gov’t should have given public servants more prep time

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NUGFW President says gov’t should have given public servants more prep time

President general of the National Union of Government and Federal Workers (NUGFW) James Lambert is in favour of the Prime Minister’s decision to ease Covid-19 restrictions and allow vaccinated and unvaccinated public servants to return to work.
However, he believes the workers could have been given more preparation time, as they are due to return to work tomorrow – Monday.

Lambert in an interview with the Newsday, said, “The general public will be happy for some ease in the restrictions but there are some implications for some. No one would have known much because they (the rollbacks) came immediately.

He added, “You have to speak in terms of families going back to work, mothers, single parents and so forth.

Lambert sees the easing of restrictions as a positive step for the economy and workers and encourages people to get vaccinated against covid19.
He admitted however, that he never supported the government’s attempt a mandatory vaccination policy for public sector workers.

“The government seems not be going along with the idea of the compulsory vaccination so far, as they have said, so I do not believe we should not become complacent.
Lambert told the media house: “Covid has still not gone away in its totality because people are still dying and we still have some people getting the virus. So I’m hoping then that those who did not get vaccinated will look into it.”