Nude pics of Watson Duke’s accuser hits social media

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Nude pics of Watson Duke’s accuser hits social media

Naked pictures of Kezel Jackson, the former Deputy leader of Watson Duke’s Progressive Democratic Patriots, has begun circulating on social media.

The pictures surfaced just hours after a video, allegedly of Watson Duke in a hotel room with an unidentified woman, emerged on social media.

Jackson posted the video of the person resembling Duke laying in his underwear on a bed in a hotel room while a woman is heard speaking off camera.

Jackson resigned yesterday claiming Duke was not stable enough to have her support.

She maintained her claims in the caption for the video in which an unidentified woman is heard speaking as the man who appears to be Duke lays on the bed in his underwear.

A screenshot of the video posted by former PDP leader, Kezel Jackson

The spat between Duke and Jackson appears to have arisen from a relationship gone sour.

Jackson in her resignation letter yesterday admitted that her behaviour with Duke was inappropriate and morally wrong.

Duke responded later yesterday, saying that he and Jackson had been involved in a relationship and gave graphic details about their interactions.

He alleged that he was coerced into having sex with her and was treated like a sex slave.

He also revealed that he had filed a police report against her for assault, claiming that she hit him on one occasion when he refused to have sex with her.

Jackson has since suggested that Duke’s claims are false.

She has also sought to defend herself against persons who have cast judgment on her and lanbasted her on social media for sleeping with a married man.

Meanwhile, in another video posted to her face book page Jackson admitted to striking Mr Duke however she also alleges there was verbal abuse by Mr Du8ke during the course of their relationship.

She was responding to comments by Mr Duke yesterday via his social media page that he was physically abused by Jackson.

Admitting that physical violence is wrong she maintained that the situation between her and Mr Duke may have been God’s way of showing him the error of his ways.

During the 17 minute long video she acknowledged several times that her actions were unbecoming and that she recognised that she had to take responsibility for her part in the situation.

However she also insisted that people needed to be more forgiving as she claims that she has received quite a lot of negative comments since the relationship went public.