NTA questions why Griffith’s not invited to Independence event

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NTA questions why Griffith’s not invited to Independence event

The National Transformation Alliance (NTA) is questioning why their leader and former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has not been invited to attend a toast to the nation at the Police Administration Building.

The toast to the nation is an Independence Day tradition that is usually held at the Administration building and features the Prime Minister and Police Commissioner as the main speakers.

It is also attended by former Police Commissioners.

Griffith served as commissioner from 2018 to 2021 and was succeeded by the now retired McDonald Jacob.

In a letter sent to Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher today, NTA general secretary Tim Teemal said proper protocol required that Griffith be invited.

He also noted that Griffith was also not invited to attend last year’s toast by then commissioner Jacob, suggesting that was due to “political influence.”

Teemal warned that failure to extend an invitation could raise concerns among the public. The letter added that it was important to uphold local traditions and to demonstrate transparency and impartiality in all actions.