NTA Calls For Immediate Reforms To The Process Of Awarding Silk

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NTA Calls For Immediate Reforms To The Process Of Awarding Silk

The National Transformation Alliance calls for immediate reforms to the process of awarding Silk.

It claims this is required to ensure it is transparent, fair, and free from political influence.

NTA says by implementing recommendations it has put forward the country can restore public trust in the legal system and uphold the high standards of the legal profession in Trinidad and Tobago.

It is proposing the establishment of clear, objective criteria for the award of silk, including demonstrated legal expertise, contributions to legal scholarship, and public service.

Publish these criteria and ensure they are consistently applied to all candidates.

Form an independent review panel comprising respected legal professionals and representatives from various sectors of society.

This panel should be responsible for evaluating candidates and making recommendations based on merit.

Increase public accountability by publishing the names of candidates being considered and inviting public comments.

Provide detailed justifications for each award, explaining how the candidates meet the established criteria.

Regularly review and update the criteria and process for awarding Silk to ensure they reflect current best practices and the evolving needs of the legal profession.

Conduct educational campaigns to inform the public about the significance of Silk and the process involved in awarding it.

Encourage public engagement and feedback to improve the process continually.