NPTA Gets Injunction Continued In The High Court.

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NPTA Gets Injunction Continued In The High Court.

The High Court Injunction granted June 10th in favour of Zena Ramatali, continued today, whereby the fourteen defendants led by Clarence Mendoza were all restrained from holding themselves out as the executive of the National Parent Teachers Association and from exercising any powers of the organization.

In the High Court hearing today, before Justice Margaret Mohammed, Attorneys Martin George and Company represented Zena Ramatali and her team while Attorney Richard Jaggessar represented the Clarence Mendoza faction.

Mr, Jaggessar asked for the injunction to be discharged, citing the impending resumption of the school term that some of his clients are members of committees on the NPTA.

The Court however, rejected such arguments and reminded Mr Jaggessar that a committee member of an organization such as the NPTA cannot speak on behalf of the organization  itself, without expressed permission or delegated authority from the organization and that in the circumstances, it was best for all parties that the injunction continue.