No virtual events for Kairi People – at least not now

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No virtual events for Kairi People – at least not now

Kairi People is known for giving fete lovers the best value for their money.

Their all-inclusive events are sought after, so much so that folks are known to barter for tickets.

From ‘Breakfast Is’ to ‘Different’ to the new age j’ouvert experience ‘N’ouvert’, the quartet behind the events are closely watched for their innovative ideas.

Kairi People: Dexter Charles, Wayne Sheppard, Richard Gordon and Beve Haynes

So…with no carnival on stream for 2020 and a host of virtual events popping up, it was only fair that we at izzso reached out to see what Kairi had planned.

And sadly, the answer is nothing…at least for now.

Wayne Sheppard, one of the executive members of Kairi People, said they were stumped when it came to coming up with a concept that would be slightly different to what is now in the virtual realm.

But he said the possibilities are still on table.

With the option still open, izzso asked Sheppard what he envisioned taking place and if paying for a virtual experience was feasible.

On the hot topic of the National Carnival Commission (NCC) choosing to opt out of offering any virtual events to keep the Carnival spirit alive, Sheppard shared the following view:

In light of the fact that Covid19 seems here to stay and has changed the way the entire world is functioning, Sheppard believes that events in the feature will have to incorporate both virtual and in-person events:

Kairi People’s Carnival events are:
JBI (done with FOBA)
Breakfast Is

Events outside of Carnival:
A.W.P (in May)
Runaway (in November)