No truth to Fuad Abu Bakr screening for the PNM

No truth to Fuad Abu Bakr screening for the PNM

The People’s National Movement said they have not received a nomination for Mr. Fuad Abu Bakr and advises that he is not scheduled to be screened by the PNM’s Screening Committee.

The People’s National Movement issued a media release this afternoon saying that the “is party built upon a solid structure, discipline and adherence to prescribed process.”

The release continues by saying the “process for a person to become a nominee involves a call for nominations from the Party for nominees for the General Election (in this instance), with a deadline for the close of submission of nominations.”

“Interested Party Members must receive a nomination from a bona fide Party Group or from the Youth League within the respective Constituency. The Constituency Executive will then forward the names of all persons who received nominations to the Party’s Secretariat.”

The PNM said “only persons who receive nominations will then be scheduled to appear before the Screening Committee.”