No shortage of livestock feed on the local market

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No shortage of livestock feed on the local market

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said there is no shortage of livestock feed on the local market.

Speaking in the senate yesterday, he said “In late 2020 and early 2021 local importers of grain experienced delays in their shipments due to delays in loading at the overseas ports. That situation has been resolved.

“The two issues which continue are rising grain prices on the global market and importers access to foreign exchange (FOREX) at the times needed to take advantage of dips in prices. One supplier, the National Feed Mills Limited (NFM), recently announced a 14 per cent price increase,” Rambharat said.

He added, “ The NFM isn’t a significant feed supplier to chicken producers but supplies feed to the other types of livestock. The 14 per cent price increase being passed on to feed purchasers now, is only a portion of the price increases the NFM and every other feed manufacturer faces, in particular on December 2020 shipments and shipments in 2021 so far.”

He said the other main supplier to the livestock market is Nutrimix and they have so far absorbed price increases and their prices continue to be lower than NFM’s.

“The local poultry sector continues to work with the Ministries of Trade and Finance on FOREX issues to stabilize prices and secure future grain shipments,” the Senator said.