No plans to shut down Lake Asphalt Co.

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No plans to shut down Lake Asphalt Co.

Government has no intention of shutting down the Lake Asphalt company.

That’s according to Labour Minister and La Brea MP, Stephen Mc Clashie.

An inter-ministerial committee was set up to assess the company and make recommendations with a view to finding solutions.
And, Mc Clashie said, “The idea behind the report is not to shut down, but to find solutions.”

The report is now in the hands of the Prime Minister, who will make his considerations before it is passed on to the Cabinet.

Energy Minister Franklin Khan also said the plan is to revitalise the company, which has been in a slump for some time.

The committee was set up last year following fears that the company would be closed like Petrotrin or privatised.

Chairman Christopher John-Williams said the industry was changing and the company had to transform to meet the challenges
Mc Clashie said once the recommendations are accepted the move would be in the best interest of all the stakeholders.