No entry for non-nationals to T&T for 14 days

No entry for non-nationals to T&T for 14 days

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley said that the rule applies to everyone except nationals of Trinidad and Tobago.

During a press conference this morning, Rowley said that Government has taken the decision in order to maintain the health of citizens.

He said, “Exemptions can be made to add to that but it will come from the Minister of Health through the Minister of National Security.”

For example, he said, staff of CARPHA will be an exemption to the rule.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young said that inasmuch as persons who are coming in will be allowed to do so, there will be some exemptions. He said, “You have a right of entrance. but persons need to tell us where they’re coming from.”

He said in the case of those nationals who are stuck on the cruise ship in Guadeloupe, the jurisdiction will remain with the French government. He said, “But once they are allowed to disembark, we are prepared to take control of the situation once they arrive in T&T.”

He added that “yachties” will not be permitted into T&T unless they are a citizens or someone who has permanent residence.

Cargo ships, however, those that are bringing in medical supplies and pharmaceuticals will be allowed to enter.

The borders will be closed by midnight on Tuesday.