No more weekly Covid19 reports for Tobago

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No more weekly Covid19 reports for Tobago

The Tobago Division of Health has decided to end its weekly COVID-19 reports, effective Monday (January 9, 2023).

This comes in light of low case numbers of the virus on the sister isle.

The Division noted that its virus numbers are relatively low and stable, adding that worldwide, COVID-19 is moving from the pandemic to the endemic stage.

Assemblyman Dr Faith B.Yisrael, Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection encouraged people not to let their guard down when it comes to managing the spread of the virus.

She said: “Up to this point, Tobago has done considerably well with the management of COVID-19. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has brought so much hurt to our lives, I am thankful that we are at this stage of getting relatively low levels of infection on the Island.

Even though we are discontinuing these public reports, I encourage everyone to remain vigilant! The virus is still with us but with lower levels of infection. Continue washing and sanitising your hands and frequently touched surfaces; follow the rules of mask wearing at health facilities; and physical distance where necessary.”

“Most importantly, if you are ill, stay at home and call the COVID-19 hotline or your healthcare provider. These simple actions will not only protect you or your loved ones from contracting the COVID-19 virus but also Influenza and other similar viruses,”B.Yisrael added.

The Division assured, however, that should the need arise, COVID-19 reports, media conferences and other types of media / forums to share information with the public will be reactivated.