No more old $100 after December 15, says toy store

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No more old $100 after December 15, says toy store

One business has created its own deadline date for accepting the existing $100 bill, even as the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) said all businesses should adhere to the December 31 deadline set by Government.

The popular toy store has said that they have made the decision based on the future of their business and their staff.

In a Facebook post to store’s page, the store said: “To the critics that read here, some of you just may not understand what a takes to run businesses and that’s fine, criticizing without understanding is not always the best avenue to go down…When a decision such as this is rushed without consultation by the on the ground businesses such as ours, (that most of the country has and runs on) the trickle down effect can cause serious chaos.”

The Post continues:
“NOTICE TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.. DUE THE THE UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCES TO THE RETAIL INDUSTRY AT X-MAS TIME CONCERNING THE SHORT TIME LINE TO CHANGE CONVENTIONAL TTD $100 TO THE NEW BILL, WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PUT A DEADLINE TO OUR ESTABLISHMENT IN ACCEPTING THE OLD NOTES.. Our Shop especially, remains VERY BUSY through the season and well into the new year and the RIDICULOUS time line is inadequate. THEREFOR, OUR cut off in accepting the OLD $100 note is SUNDAY DECEMBER 15, 2019. After which we will NO LONGER be accepting the old note. We do apologize any inconvenience this may cause.. it’s an unrealistic inconvenience that has been forced down the throats of all Citizens..”

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