No employee lockout over sabotage fears at TSTT says CWU

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No employee lockout over sabotage fears at TSTT says CWU

CWU secretary-general Clyde Elder says the article printed in the Guardian newspaper which says TSTT workers were barred from entering the workplace due to a fear of sabotage is inaccurate.

The article claimed that TSTT employees who, in accordance with a court order, turned up for work after being given retrenchment letters were shut out by the company over alleged fears of internal vandalism.

The Industrial Court ruled on Tuesday that the employees, despite being given 45 days salary in lieu of notice should be allowed to work for the remainder of their 45 days.

The article claimed that in spite of this, those who turned up on TSTT premises were turned back.

However, Mr Elder told Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show that this was an isolated incident.

Chastising the Guardian reporter, Mr Elder added that there is no company policy denying workers entry into the compound.

He also debunked the claims that the company feared that the employees will engage in sabotage and vandalism.

The Union leader added that the company has even restored employees’ access to the intranet and to company emails following Tuesday night’s court order.