No drones allowed near Brian Lara Cricket Academy

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No drones allowed near Brian Lara Cricket Academy

The public is advised that the use of camera drones in the vicinity of the Brian Lara Cricket Academy, Tarouba, San Fernando is strictly prohibited without prior approval from the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA) when sporting and other events are taking place due to an existing ‘no fly zone’, which extends over part of the venue and restrictions with regards to flying drones over people and property.

The TTCAA has designated specific no-fly zones as per Civil Aviation [(No.19) Unmanned Aircraft Systems] Regulations 2016.

The no-fly zones are Port of Spain, Chaguaramas, Caroni, Point-a-Pierre, Point Lisas, Point Fortin and Galeota areas.

Additionally, drones are not to be operated:
– Within five kilometres of any manned aircraft operation including the boundary of any airport
– Within two kilometres of any helipad, at an altitude of over 400 feet, over any crowded area or over any public event.

The TTPS Air Support Unit will be specifically deploying counter drone measures over Brian Lara Cricket Academy and environs to assist with safety and security during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 matches during the period 12th to 27th June 2024.

Members of the TTPS Air Support Unit and other law enforcement agencies will be paying special attention to unauthorized and errant use of drones during the said period.

All necessary steps will be taken to safeguard and protect the public, service personnel, attendees and law enforcement aircraft especially where drones create a hazard during this very security sensitive event.