No confirmed drug to cure coronavirus, says Deyalsingh

No confirmed drug to cure coronavirus, says Deyalsingh

While news that Cuba has developed a wonder drug to cure the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread internationally, Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh said that there are no confirmed, peer-reviewed drugs that can cure the virus.

He said the public should not believe that popping a pill could cure Covid-19. He said, “From a policy perspective, there has been no drug that has been shown to be effective against Covid-19. What you have is some anecdotal evidence. So we have to be careful when we import news from abroad latching on to a silver bullet. There is no silver bullet as yet. The only silver bullet is societal responsibility at this point in time. That is the vaccine.”

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roshan Parasram said he has asked the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UWI to look at, not just a particular drug but any treatment that has been used and borne any success across the globe to treat with the virus.

He said, “I don’t think anyone has come out definitively and said that they had complete success with any one treatment, so the team of experts from UWI will be looking at it and make a recommendation to the Ministry of Health and my office as to which ones can be used.” 

Deyalsingh said the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has been conducting research to determine how many persons will get the virus in T&T, based on certain country’s characteristics that are then plugged into a model.

But, those numbers are just estimates as a definite number cannot be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Deyalsingh reminded citizens about the Covid-19 hotline, 877-WELL (9355) that is currently active but warned that it should be a last resort since Government has been publishing advertisements in the media.

Instead, the lines should remain free for the elderly and those persons unable to leave their homes.

He said Government has hired 10 doctors to man the hotlines, who have been trained and can provide information on Covid-19.

Persons who fear they may have the virus in Tobago can call 211.