No charges yet in death of PC Gilkes

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No charges yet in death of PC Gilkes

No charges have been laid yet in the death of PC Clarence Gilkes.

Acting Police Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob said that while charges are yet to be laid four officers are on suspension and will remain so until the investigation is completed.

He was speaking to the media during a meeting with Arima Mayor Cagney Casimire and the Arima Borough Council. Jacob could not say what charges would be brought against the officers or when.

In a scathing report last week, the PCA described the incident as one of the clearest examples of abuse of police power that it has investigated to date.

It revealed that the evidence showed that officers of the TTPS shot at an unarmed civilian and, unfortunately, PC Clarence Gilkes became an unintended target.

According to the PCA, further evidence revealed that police officers deliberately misled the Acting Commissioner on the events that transpired by informing him that an unarmed civilian would have shot PC Gilkes.