No board of directors at SWRHA; MoH told to appoint one ASAP

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No board of directors at SWRHA; MoH told to appoint one ASAP

The Minister of Health has been asked to appoint a board for the South West Regional Health Authority as soon as possible.

The request has been made by former medical director of the San Fernando General Hospital, Dr Anand Chatoorgoon.

In a letter to the minister, Chatoorgoon said “The term of the South-West Regional Health Authority’s board of directors came to an end on March 15, 2021 and a new board is yet to be appointed.”

He further stated that it was “dangerous” to leave the authority without any accountability by an appointed board.

“You need to put your fingers on the pulse of the SWRHA, Honourable Minister and find out what is going on in that beleaguered Regional Health Authority in the absence of a board.”

Chatoorgoon also used the letter to pitch his services to serve on the new board.

He said, “I would certainly welcome the opportunity to serve on the new board but I know that I do not stand a chance of any such appointment happening. Nonetheless, I am willing.

“I am begging you to think carefully and wisely as you go about choosing new directors for the SWRHA board. And please, sir, move quickly and expeditiously to appoint the new board before things get any worse in the SWRHA.”