NLCB “out of place” for wanting to remain an essential service, says David Lee

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NLCB “out of place” for wanting to remain an essential service, says David Lee

Pointe-a-Pierre MP, David Lee, said the statements by NLCB Chairman Eustace Nancis that the closure of Lotto booths due to the State of Emergency will be a “dent on the small man’s pocket” are not only reckless and irresponsible, but contrary to the actual losses many endure as they participate in gambling.

Lee said “The NLCB Chairman is clearly out of touch with reality and out of place to call for the NLCB to remain an essential service.”

“His baseless rational that winnings from these games “allowed the small man to go to the grocery, in order to put food on the table” are insensitive and ridiculous as many families have suffered to actually put food on the table as a result of gambling losses,” said Lee.

He added “Therefore, with so many already surviving on meagre means during this State of Emergency, there is a thorough need to keep the NLCB operations closed to prevent both the massive health and socio-economic fall out which can emerge.”

“As a matter of fact, Lotto booths should have been closed within the first measures instituted to stop this spike as they have led to unwarranted public gatherings in some locations.”

Lee said “As we all battle to protect each other, while many, especially the business community make massive sacrifices to protect our citizens, I urge those in authority to ignore the calls of the NLCB chairman .
Given these reckless comments at such a critical time, Mr. Nancis should resign or be removed immediately as Chairman of the NLCB
David Lee