Nineteen year old charged for Doctor’s murder

Nineteen year old charged for Doctor’s murder

Nineteen year-old Antonio Francis has been charged for the murder of Dr. Rudradeva Sharma.

Francis is expected to appear before a Magistrate today charged with four offences including kidnapping and robbery of the doctors. He will also be charged for the murder of Akeem Marine, another 19-year-old suspect who was involved in the crime but died.

          Dead: Akim Marine

Last week, Dr. Sharma and his colleague Dr. Prem Naidoo were kidnapped by a group of three men who stole Sharma’s car and attempted to escape with the victims. But, the car overturned on the Highway close to Claxton Bay killing Sharma instantly. The three suspects and Naidoo were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

One of the suspects died, while Naidoo and the two other suspects were treated. Francis was released from the Hospital but the other suspect is said to still be warded. It is unclear if he will be charged for any of the offences.

        Still in Hospital: Suspect 3