Nikki Crosby sexually assaulted in Venice

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Nikki Crosby sexually assaulted in Venice

One of T&T’s top female comedians and personalities, Nikki Crosby was sexually assaulted in Venice, Italy during her trip with Soca on the Seas edition 2019.

Crosby who is very vocal about instances of abuse and empowerment for women said that she was truly hurt and upset by to what  took place.

Nikki wrote on her Instagram account that she was approached by two Russian guys who said they were fans and wanted to take a picture with her. While doing that one of the men allegedly grabbed her breast.

Nikki posted an update to her Facebook page detailing what took place:

“They came up to me and asked to take my picture, before I could react they both sandwiched me and took a              pic. Then one violently grabbed my right breast and made a grunting sound like an animal. I froze in shock.                  My initial reaction was to run into the lobby and tell the others. There were about 8 Trini women who dealt                    with him by cursing the hell out of him. By then 2 men from our group were alerted and one cuffed him in his                eye. But then they left and the police were called. They then went looking for them and caught them. They                    were truckers that drove the highways with no permanent address”


The incident was reported to the police and the men were subsequently arrested.