Nicki Minaj’s Husband Asks Judge to Allow Him At Baby’s Birth

Nicki Minaj’s Husband Asks Judge to Allow Him At Baby’s Birth

Kenneth Petty, the husband of pregnant Nicki Minaj, has said TMZ asked the judge if he can be at the birth of his child. The music manager is registered as a sex offender and may only leave his home at certain times.

Petty registered as a sex offender in March. As a result, he is not allowed to leave California or leave his house at night.

He requests the judge to temporarily relax these rules so that he can assist Minaj during birth in case she has to give birth in the evening or at night.

Petty was convicted at the age of sixteen in 1995 for an attempted rape. He is said to have used a sharp object to oblige a girl to have sex. He was sentenced to prison.

The music manager had previously registered as a delinquent when he moved from New York to California in 2019. In November of that year, he was arrested for a traffic violation and the agent saw that he was not registered. After payment of a deposit, he was released again.

In March, however, Petty had to appear in court again. He had to wear an ankle strap temporarily and was not allowed to leave Southern California.

Minaj married Petty in October 2019, who she has known since she was seventeen. The 36-year-old rapper and her 41-year-old husband announced at the time that they had given each other the yes. A few weeks ago, Minaj announced that she was expecting her first child.