Nicki Minaj teases appearance for Carnival 2020

Nicki Minaj teases appearance for Carnival 2020

St. James born ‘Trini gyal’ Nicki Minaj teased tonight on her Instagram stories that she’ll be returning home to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival.

Nicki, since her engagement and marriage to her new bae went awol on Instagram since November 2019; but resurfaced six days ago posting several pictures of herself and husband Kenneth Petty.

Nicki released her latest track titled “Yikes” which referenced social rights activist Rosa Parks; which didn’t sit well with ‘Black Twitter’.

“All you b—es Rosa Parks, uh oh, get your ass up.”

One U.S journalist wrote, “Rosa Parks would have been 107 years old if she was still living to see her birthday  journalist also pointed out. “Y’all go remind Nicki Minaj that. Quick history lesson: She never got up, she stayed seated.

However T&T citizens are eager to have Nicki return home for Carnival since her 2012 appearance for ‘Pound the Alarm’