Nicki Minaj named Creative Director of Maxim magazine

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Nicki Minaj named Creative Director of Maxim magazine

Nicki Minaj is joining forces with Maxim. She will serve as creative director of Maxim magazine and global ambassador of MaximBet, their sports betting brand. Throughout her career, Minaj has shown that she has the business acumen to hold down a highly successful rap career and blaze trails in other entrepreneurial ventures.

By partnering with Maxim, Minaj will bring her unique Midas touch to the sports betting platform and use her influence to broaden the platform’s audience. As part of her collaboration with Maxim, Minaj will work to cohesively tie MaximBet’s events, merchandise, parties, partnerships, and fan experiences to create a seamless connection between the world of entertainment and sports betting.

Although the privately-held, licensed sports betting platform launched last year and is relatively new, this partnership promises to be a success. The collaboration will be an opportunity for Minaj to use her creative vision and unwavering star power to influence the growth and progression of the platform.

As the brand’s creative director, Minaj will have the autonomy to have an input in the creative direction of the company and the strategy for the future of the company’s iGaming platform.

Minaj is excited at the prospects of the partnership and is optimistic.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of a collaboration,” said Minaj. “Merging business savvy power moves with my natural, creative, sexy, fun, and fashion-forward expression is just so spot-on as it relates to this partnership.”

Minaj has a proven track record of successful collaborations and business ventures. Her prominence as a pop culture icon and her ability to be strategic about partnerships have paid off. In business, Minaj’s collaborations with MAC Cosmetics, Fendi, and a barrage of other brands have been wildly successful, and her touch of magic shows no sign of slowing down.

The “Do We Have A Problem” rapper has consistently proven that she has the grit, tenacity, and work ethic to succeed. While Minaj’s musical legacy is unmatched, she understands that artists have to make smart, strategic business decisions to continue to be financially buoyant. We can’t wait to see what the savvy music mogul and Maxim will come up with.