Nicki Minaj criticized by Lil Mama for influencing a generation of “musical prostitutes”

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Nicki Minaj criticized by Lil Mama for influencing a generation of “musical prostitutes”

Nicki Minaj has been criticized by Lil Mama for influencing a generation of “musical prostitutes.”

The “Lip Gloss” shared her thoughts beneath an Instagram post that the always outspoken Dee-1 shared on Monday (July 1).

The New Orleans native posted a montage of Sexyy Red, GloRilla, Latto, Ice Spice and Megan Thee Stallion performing at the BET Awards, juxtaposed with his own song “Purify My Eyes.”

On the track, Dee-1 laments the oversexualization of female rappers, spitting: “I turned on the awards show and the things I’ve seen on the screen/ Will make me cause a scene ’cause it’s so obscene/ We call women queens but we celebrate the prostitution of their bodies.”

He added in his caption: “We can do better as a ‘culture’ @bet + @betawards i mean this sincerely […] Deep down, most executives, fans, and artists know we can do better. We just gotta have the courage to do it.”

In the comments section, Lil Mama echoed this sentiment and took aim at a specific artist who isn’t featured in the video but whose influence, she claims, looms large.

“Then gave Nicki an award for leading this pack. Corporate ‘BARS’ be going over our head. They laughing at us for sure!” she wrote.

In response to another user, Mama added: “key word… THIS Pack. These young women are not influenced by Kim. Nicki is influenced by Kim. These women are 23. What major musical prostitutes do you remember from the last 15years.

“Who do you think they watched corporate give a platform and flowers for slitting out. Be forreal. Like I said they are laughing at us and the award was a ‘thanks to you, now we have 7,8, 9 of em.’”

She also said: “God Is the Greatest and these women are gonna wake up and realize that they are worth more than any price tag. Sometimes we can’t see ourselves. We are just living… so I can under[stand] how this can happen and feel normal.”

The “Kim” in question is Lil Kim, who Nicki Minaj cited as a major influence before the two began beefing in 2010, stemming from accusations made by Kim that Nicki stole her style and had been throwing unwarranted shade at her.

Though the beef is over a decade old, it reared its head earlier this month when Nicki called out her former manager Debra Antney for trying to squash the feud without her knowledge or permission.

The Young Money rapper took issue with comments made by veteran music manager/executive Antney in a recent interview on the Opiniated Truths podcast.

Antney, who oversaw Nicki’s early career and is also the mother of Waka Flocka Flame, was asked if she would be willing to broker a truce between Nicki and her rivals Cardi B and Lil Kim.

I think that we all would love to see that, but people would have to be willing to do that,” she answered. “To be perfectly honest with you — she’s gonna kill me for even saying this — but I did reach out to Kim.”

Antney then silently shook her head, implying that Kim was unreceptive to the request.

After catching wind of the clip, Nicki put Antney on blast for overstepping her boundaries and meddling in her affairs.

“Deb, Isn’t it funny how you left out the biggest part of the story?” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “I didn’t ask you to do a THING!

“You told me AFTER THE FACT & I SCREAMED ON YOU & told you if you reach out to ppl now that you’re being seen around me, they will THINK it’s coming FROM ME so to NEVER do that again w/o discussing it with me FIRST. I said I’d never want that & that now she’d think that message came from me which is not cool.”