NGO’s Updated On Various Grants And Services By Ministry of Social Development And Family Services

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NGO’s Updated On Various Grants And Services By Ministry of Social Development And Family Services

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services continues to engage faith-based organisations with information on its various grants and services and how such could be accessed by those in need.

It says this is keeping with its vision of being a dynamic service-driven organisation that delivers premium social services towards the achievement of sustainable human and social development.

It says earlier today, April 6, 2022, members of the Church on the Rock (local and international) benefited from the session, commonly referred to as PIES.

PIES main focus is to bring relevant and pertinent information about the Ministry’s various programmes, grants and services, directly to citizens in their respective communities, with the aim of clarifying issues related to access, whilst treating with concerns and responses from the Ministry.

Delivering opening remarks, Minister of Social Development and Family Services, Donna Cox, stated “within recent times, a major area of priority of the Ministry is to ensure that all our various stakeholders, including Faith-Based Organizations, continue to hear from us and receive up to date information, so that you all can assist us in reaching those we are unable to reach.”

She further the engagement with Church on the Rock today, is a vital aspect of the Ministry’s overall objective to reach the vulnerable so that they can be equipped with information and opportunities to improve their quality of life.

In the question and answer segment, numerous issues were raised concerning the eligibility for grants and special circumstances where exceptions may be given for the access to grants.

It says these concerns are subsequently used to inform a number of policy initiatives and projects aimed towards a more responsive delivery of social services.

It says several persons were also eager to access information about capacity building and funding for non-governmental organizations, considering the church runs a free pre-school for the community of Morvant.

Reverend Benjamin Agard, Pastor of Church on The Rock, said he was immensely grateful for the session as it would bring much needed relief to the communities that need it the most.