NGO distributes groceries to Venezuelan migrants

NGO distributes groceries to Venezuelan migrants

Soroptimist International of San Fernando, a non-governmental organization, has donated 60 bags of foodstuff to Venezuelan migrants.

The organization said, “While most of us are isolated with full larders, not every family in isolation could afford their basic food requirements. Many of the Venezuelan migrants among us have lost their jobs and cannot access government food programmes.”

To address this situation, the Club has provided temporary relief to the migrants while observing proper social distancing protocols.

They reached out to Angie Ramnarine of the La Romaine Migrant Support group (LARMS) to determine the number of families needing help. The Club then distributed pre-packaged ‘Bargain Bags’ from Massy Stores to the families, which was facilitated and sponsored in part by the Company.

In a statement the Club said, “It is the view that physical separation does not mean social separation and that even as we rightly protect ourselves and others by observing suggested protocols, we must continue to be our sisters’ keepers.”

The packages were individually delivered to the homes of the migrants.