NGC and TCL sign MOU to collaborate on energy efficient initiatives

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NGC and TCL sign MOU to collaborate on energy efficient initiatives

The National Gas Company of T&T Ltd (NGC) and Cemex Trinidad Cement Ltd (Cemex TCL) have announced their intention to work collaboratively in support of climate action targets, by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperate on energy efficiency initiatives.

The MOU follows a Gas Sales Contract (GSC) executed between NGC and TCL.

According to a release from NGC the MOU signing with Cemex TCL, reinforces its commitment to support its stakeholders, particularly within the downstream and manufacturing sectors, as T&T transitions into a sustainable energy future.

“As part of the MOU, NGC and Cemex TCL will explore the viability of opportunities for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), while examining the impact of energy efficiency and CCS on the use of fossil fuels in downstream industries. The agreement will also explore the possibility of using waste oil and waste solid to be transformed into heat in clinker kilns used in TCL’s operations instead of gas,” the release stated.

“Leveraging on Cemex global expertise, this would provide a sustainable solution for the disposal of waste in T&T solving a long-standing environmental issue while bringing positive economic impacts,” it stated.

The release stated that beyond a focus on energy efficiency, the MOU will seek to identify any opportunities for training and development, in keeping with the learning culture that has been cultivated by both companies.

“To further this learning and build institutional capacity, NGC and TCL have committed to exchange market knowledge, information, research, expertise, experiences, industry lessons learnt and other capabilities,” it stated.

Country Manager for the Cemex TCL group in T&T, Guillermo Rojo noted “We feel confident that this MOU will bring Cemex and NGC´s complementary expertise and capacities together to provide innovative solutions that will have a sustainable large positive impact in TTs environment and economy. Cemex TCL aims to become a long-term solution for the waste management in Trinidad and Tobago while creating wealth. We can do much more than constructions materials for this country and the wider Caribbean”

NGC President Mark Loquan remarked that the signing of the MOU is a demonstration of NGC’s commitment to engage stakeholders in advancing the Green Agenda.

He noted that: “This collaboration strengthens our relationship with TCL, a critical pillar within the manufacturing sector. Leveraging synergies and capabilities between the two companies which serves to forge new paths for energy efficiency in the downstream, and ultimately bolster the sustainability of the energy sector and national economy.”