Newly-appointed public officials ready to serve

Newly-appointed Minister of Public Administration Allyson West will not let her short-term tenure as Minister deter her from transforming the Ministry.

 Minister of Public Administration                   Allyson West

Speaking on Power 102’s Power Breakfast Show this morning, West said she intends to focus on one major aspect of the Ministry- the advancement of IT solutions for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. One to-do on the list is making WiFi available in public areas. She said she also intends to work alongside IGOVTT as the company will play a critical in making the Ministry more efficient. This can be done by introducing e-payments, e-filing and keeping records in soft copy, rather than the mounting hard copies files that are currently available.

Meanwhile, newly appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Utilities Adrian Leonce said that he will focus on energy conservation, while speaking on Power 102’s Power Breakfast Show this morning.

        P.S in The Ministry of Public Utilities                                   Adrian Leonce


He admitted that energy conservation was a new direction for the Ministry, and he will be looking into implementing green energy. Leonce admitted that because our culture accesses a cheap source of energy, we have yet to develop the discipline to save electrical energy. Leonce said that he is looking forward to his new post and is ready to serve in any capacity that the Utilities Minister, Robert Le Hunte, sees fit.