New Study to Trial Inhaled COVID-19 Vaccines

New Study to Trial Inhaled COVID-19 Vaccines

Researchers in Britain are working to develop a vaccine against the emerging COVID-19, which is administered by inhalation and reaches the lungs directly.

According to the BBC, administering the vaccine directly to the lungs can boost the immune system better than injections, and 30 volunteers will receive the vaccine in the same way as asthma medications.

Two vaccines will be tested, the first for Oxford University and the other for ‘Imperial’, which began testing last June.

In a related context, scientists from the University of North Carolina, USA, have managed to take high-quality images that reveal the reproduction process of the emerging coronavirus in the human respiratory system.

The scientists used a powerful microscope to examine the structure of the infection in detail, and a member of the research team coloured the original images in different colours using special tools, so that, for example, virus particles were marked in red that they were ready to infect others.

The scientists emphasized that their research work will help remind people once again of the importance of adhering to health measures to prevent infection by the virus.

Last Monday, an international committee warned that the world is not preparing enough to face a future pandemic, which may be more dangerous than the COVID-19 epidemic, and called for global cooperation and long-term financing.