New National Futsal team coach excited to take charge

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New National Futsal team coach excited to take charge

National Men’s Futsal team head coach Constantine Konstin has arrived in the country and is expected to take charge of current training sessions next week.

According to a release issued today by the TTFA Media, Konstin, a former United States National Futsal player,  returned last Wednesday on the same flight as the Men’s Senior Team following their recent visit to Orlando for the International friendly with the United States and all members of the contingent including Konstin have completed its seven-day state quarantine stay.

While sessions were being conducted at the TTFA training facility in Couva by assistant coach Paul Decle over the past week, all Konstin could do was wave at the Futsal training squad members as they completed a jog around the facility last week as he remained within the parimeters of the player accommodation facility.

But with just a few days before he can join them on the court, Konstin couldn’t be more excited.

“First of all I am extremely honored that the TTFA has given me a great opportunity to lead our  Warriors on the path to qualifying for  the FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania this September,” Konstin told TTFA Media.

“It’s an exciting venture for all of us but  we must prepare  our players in the best possible way for the qualifying phase in Guatemala in April. For the first few weeks we will be focusing on getting to a point where we can properly assess the players  before selecting the first squad from the existing pool. During that time we will be emphasizing in getting the players  fit and familiar with the rules, principles and concepts of Futsal,” said Konstin who has also served as a FIFA futsal coaching instructor.

“Years ago my university football coach told me that football is the King of sports. Well football is the King of sports and Futsal is the Queen of Sports. The King needs the Queen and the Queen needs the King,” he concluded.

The  Concacaf Futsal Championships takes place Guatemala from April 30th to May 9th 2021. The 10-day tournament will include twenty CONCACAF Member Associations including  Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Haiti, Martinique, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts/Nevis, Saint Maarten, Suriname and the United States.  

The players who have been initially invited for training are : Russell Alfred, Keston Guy, Dwayne Edwards, Omri Baird, Denrick Eve, Cyrano Glen, Kareem Perry, Jokiah Leacock, Kwesi Peterson, Shane Hospedales, Nicholas Alfred, Sean Da Silva, Yohance Marshall, Kevon Woodley, Justin Sadoo, Daniel Diaz, Adrian Welch, Curtis Gonsalves, Jelani Felix, Andre Marchan, Reon Moore, Aaron Lester, Dylon King, Aaron Enil, Jean-Paul Rochford, Devaughn Humphrey, Rhondel Gibson, Trevin Caesar, Kelvin Henry, Darnell Hospedales, Anthony Charles, Keron Cummings, Tyrone Charles, Jamal Creighton, Jabari St Hillaire, Aikim Andrews, Kadeem Corbin, Ross Russell Jr, Jameel Neptune, Sean Bonval, Noel Williams.