New Management Committee appointed for St. Jude’s School for Girls

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New Management Committee appointed for St. Jude’s School for Girls

A new Management Committee has been appointed for the St. Jude’s School for Girls for a two-year period 2022-2024.

The members, most of whom were selected from public, private and Civil Society Organisations, received their instruments of appointment and participated in the inaugural committee meeting on June 9, 2022.

Mr. Vijay Gangapersad, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Gender and Child Affairs, welcomed new and returning members as he facilitated the distribution of the instruments of appointment. He thanked the outgoing Committee for their work in safeguarding the nation’s children.

Mr. Gangapersad called on the new Committee to focus on the prioritization of matters, the development of a work plan and early planning to maximize on the period of their appointment. In urging the Committee to seek partnership with new stakeholders, he highlighted that the work cannot be done singlehandedly.

He also encouraged members to be innovative, collaborate and seek counsel in each other’s ideas, while striving to implement best practices for the St Jude’s School for Girls.

Upon her appointment, the newly installed Chairperson, Ms. Marsha Bailey, said she welcomed the opportunity to serve the nation’s children and to work passionately to fulfil the Committee’s mandate.