New legal twist in Ocean Pelican brunch ride

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New legal twist in Ocean Pelican brunch ride

Businessman Adrian Scoon who hosted the brunch event aboard the Ocean Pelican may have been on the right side of the law.

According to the Public Health Ordinance Regulation 8 explains “the requirements and stipulations defining the activities allowed at safe zones, which include what establishments may qualify as safe zones, and the responsibilities of employers, employees and patrons, which include vaccination and mask-wearing protocols.”

Attorneys representing Scoon believe the police who detained patrons after the event acted illegally and have argued their client did not break any laws or regulations.

On Boxing Day evening it was reported that police intervened and temporarily detained over 100 guests aboard the vessel.

According to the Newsday, a letter from Scoon’s attorney Kiel Taklalsingh on Wednesday suggested officers reviewed his client’s certification and visit the premises to ensure the necessary safety protocols could be practised.

“In the letter Taklalsingh asserted that Ocean Sweetness Ltd was not providing a party boat service, noting that no captain or crew were aboard the vessel at the time to suggest the promoters had any intention of sailing. He contended that sailing would qualify the vessel as a party boat.”

He added that all the safe-zone requirements were in place and enforced by the promoters but were ignored by the police.