New highways for 2020


New highways for 2020

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert addressed several of the highways during his budget address:

San Fernando to Point Fortin highway (35km) $5.1 billion dollars had been originally spent on land acquisition and construction, and a further cost of $2.3 billion will be needed. The highway will traverse the south-western areas of Trinidad providing connectivity to several major communities from San Fernando to Point Fortin, including Dumfries and Mon Desir, a segment from Mon Desir to Point Fortin via La Brea and a
connection from Mon Desir back to Fyzabad.  The highway will be completed at the end of October 2020

Valencia to Toco Highway (40km): new two-lane highway upgrade is under construction. Will grant access to Valencia, Sangre Grande, Matura, Salybia, Rampanalgas, Cumana, San Souci, Toco, Grande Riviere and Matelot. The highway will be completed in 2021

Churchill Roosevelt Manzanilla Extension to Highay (33km): will help to stimulate the economy in the areas of Cumuto, Guayaguyare and Manzanilla

Curepe Interchange: the interchange will grant easy access to motorists who use the eastbound and westbound lanes in north and south Valsayn and Curepe. Traffic lights will be removed from the areas of Curepe, Valsayn and Valpark. The interchange costed 221.6 million. The highway will be completed by March 2020

Additionally, the Minister added:

Flyovers will be built near the University of the West Indies (UWI), Macoya, Trinicty and Golden Grove. These are already of the drawing board.