New drivers’ permits to be issued in a bid to stop fraudsters

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New drivers’ permits to be issued in a bid to stop fraudsters

The Licensing Division is about to embark on an initiative to issue brand new drivers’ permits to all licensed holders across the country by month’s end.

According to Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke, this is aimed at stopping fraudsters, who have been producing false drivers’ licenses, which are now widely used by non-nationals.

Clarke, in an interview with GML, said one way of stopping the forged permits being used was by issuing new permits with security features and hidden markings by the end of this year and recalling the over 700,000 valid permits in the coming months.

It is unknown how many of these fake DPs are in the hands of non-nationals.

Clarke said they have seen an upsurge in duplicate numbers where persons are having false driver’s permits being created on the outside. “In order for that to look as close as possible to our records, they are basically using what we call our number range. But that is in no way on our records,” Clarke added.

Pressed on how many fake permits they have been picked up under his tenure, Clarke said roughly 700.

Clarke told the media house, “By the end of December, a new driver’s permit will be out. That permit itself provides us with the data set and the environment to commence that online renewal. Because we are changing the design of the permit, you will have the opportunity to upload your picture onto the permit.” Following this process, the applicant would have to visit a licensing office to verify their documents.

Collection of the renewal will have to be made at a TTConnect site or a Licensing Office with the old DP being surrendered.

Clarke said the new permits will be embedded with enhanced security features and markings aimed at preventing duplication. The special markings will be detected by law enforcement officers using handheld devices.
If a permit does not have these markings it will be deemed fraudulent.

Clarke pointed out that only drivers with renewal appointments will be issued new permits beginning at the end of December, while a recall of unexpired permits will follow.

The recall of valid permits is expected to begin next June using either an alphabetical system or geographical locations.