New Covid-19 Restrictions as of midnight tonight

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New Covid-19 Restrictions as of midnight tonight

Prime Minister Rowley addressed the nation this afternoon at 2:30 pm announcing the infected persons’ number for today is now at 328.  As such the following restrictions are in effect from midnight tonight and in force until May 23. These are in addition to the existing health ordinances.

1. ALL restaurants and bars will be closed

2. All shopping malls will be closed

3. All gyms and recreational centers will be closed.

4. All Spas, hair salons, etc will be closed.

5. All Casinos, theaters, cinemas, private clubs etc will be closed.

6. The Public service to operate on an essential services only basis.

7. Air Traffic to Tobago limited to 3 flights per day.

8. The Sea Bridge to operate at 25%

9. No tours of bird sanctuaries or reef destinations will be permitted.

10. All places of worship are closed.