NESC Prioritizes Mental Health Awareness

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NESC Prioritizes Mental Health Awareness

Staff of the National Energy Skills Centre participated in webinars on how to cope when facing heavy workloads, COVID-19 anxiety, difficult co-workers, and challenges at home.

The webinars were facilitated by mental health experts and practitioners from the Pan American Health Organisation, the World Health Organisation, the University of the West Indies and the Ministry of Health.

NESC said members of staff learnt how to employ protective factors to build their resilience, practise self-care, manage grief and loss, and establish work-life balance.

In a media release Wednesday afternoon, NESC said staff also learnt the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress so that they could recognize it in themselves and their colleagues, and seek treatment.

It said the week appropriately closed with a guided meditation session.

NESC said as the COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift, the organisation will incorporate more live activities into its staff wellness programme.