NCRHA sets up checkpoints for patients with fever, cough and cold

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NCRHA sets up checkpoints for patients with fever, cough and cold

If you have a fever, cough and cold, the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) has introduced a system so that you do not have to mix with possible patients of Covid19.

In a release to media, the NCRHA has set up checkpoints using tent facilities and isopods, which they said is “essential to ensure that patients with non-Covid19 complaints feel safe visiting the facilities of the RHA and facilitate diversion into the parallel pathway.”
Suspected Covid19 cases will be processed under the 40×50 tent at health facilities within the NCRHA’s remit.

This system includes several checkpoints set up at various entry points in the hospital so that patients without symptoms of the virus are not exposed to suspected cases.

According to the release, “The tent’s design is an open design, with zipped windows, which allows for unobstructed passage of air and aerosol dilution to mitigate nosocomial infection.”

At the Emergency Departments, patients are separated into Covid19 and non-Covid19 pathways. The fever, cough and cold checkpoint is fitted with a functional resuscitation room equipped with oxygen and a defibrillator.

The tent facility also has a dedicated doffing area for the changing of PPEs, sanitisation stations private rooms and access to washroom facilities as well as an industrial-grade swabbing booth to protect staff from becoming infected when testing for Covid19.

The NCRHA has also placed Isopods at the Adult and Paediatric Emergency Departments.
This piece of equipment is fully encapsulated to separate and protect both staff and patients. The devices are placed directly on the patient’s bed and it’s equipped with a powerful filter well below the micron size of the Covid19 virus.

CEO Davlin Thomas said, “Our objective was to effectively set up an alternative system where we would be able to assure patient and staff safety in light of Covid19 and also assure consistent service…the noble segregation of potential Covid19 patients and other ill patients people, which could only be facilitated by the hard work, endeavour and sacrifice of our nurses, doctors and all our medical staff, clerks, customer service representatives and patient escorts, who brave the frontline every day to protect this country.”

He said “The tents form part of our systemic innovations to facilitate quality service to our people, which is at our core, is our primary function. Other than that, we would have to build whole new buildings, to accommodate the segregation,”