NCRHA confirms it has rejected a ‘too high quotation’

NCRHA confirms it has rejected a ‘too high quotation’

The NCRHA confirms it has rejected a quotation from a potential supplier for tents at a high cost.

According to a media released issues this evening, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Davlin Thomas said they receive numerous quotations daily, and they reject undesirable quotations daily, he said “it’s just part of the job of our purchasing department.”

The NCRHA in their statement said “the public that apart from rejecting the quotation shown, our purchasing department was able to secure alternative tents at a discounted rate that best suited the needs of the Authority and our patients.”

Thomas said the NCRHA will not be distracted from its mission to deliver quality care to its patients, and he assured citizens that the country will continue to get value for its investment in healthcare.

“Also worth mentioning is the fact that the NCRHA was able to decrease expenditure by TT 30 million dollars, below its allocation, due to its disruptive innovations during fiscal 2018-19 and has continued to engage in continuous cost saving exercises subsequently,” Thomas added.