NCRHA Chief recognises staff for their labour of love

NCRHA Chief recognises staff for their labour of love

In response to the global pandemic affecting T&T and by extension the world, the North Central Regional Health Authority has expanded services at the Caura Hospital, commissioned the Arima General Hospital, commissioned and staffed the Couva Hospital, staffed UWI’s Freedom and Canada Halls within the last two weeks.

The NCRHA CEO, Davlin Thomas said it is currently preparing UTT’s Valsayn Teachers College, which will allow in excess of 200 additional beds – all of which they are prepared to utilize in the near future.

He said test results are now more quickly available due to the commissioning of additional equipment.

Mr. Thomas said the introduction of new 24 hour shifts at the internationally accredited lab at the EWMSC, and the training of additional staff has facilitated a more rapid turnover of test results.

“We have hired more than 132 new doctors and nearly 200 new nurses within the recent past to ensure that patients can get the care they need and have the best chance of returning alive to their families.”

“In fact, just today we posted another advertisement for more doctors and nurses”, said Thomas.

Thomas said if there is a broken sink, we will fix it, if one of the toilets go down, we will repair it.”

“However, the role of every citizen, each singular individual within this blessed society is to wear a mask, observe social distancing, wash and sanitize your hands frequently” he added.

He acknowledged that quarantine can be difficult for those who are accustomed to interacting closely, meeting people frequently, and going about their business without consideration and constraint.

When persons are stressed out, the little things become magnified, the NCRHA has engaged dedicated counsellors to help patients cope with the mental strains, stresses, and anxieties that may come with COVID-19.

“We also recognise our staff, whose labour of love to this nation is unprecedented, added CEO Davlin Thomas.