NCRHA CEO to sue over tent rentals comment

NCRHA CEO to sue over tent rentals comment

Chief Executive Officer of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Davlin Thomas is expected to sue a Facebook user for comments he made regarding the rental of tents for the Authority.

In a statement, Thomas said he has read several defamatory articles which have been written and posted on the social media platform Facebook.

“These articles are void of any facts or credibility and have been posted in a sensational manner to incite mistrust on the part of the public against my office and against me personally.”

“Unfortunately, the publication and circulation of the said defamatory articles have been drastically increased due to it being an election year.” 

Thomas said he observed the irresponsible postings, sharings and republications of inaccurate and false information concerning his staff and his office, has unfortunately gained headway in the traditional media

“I am a father, a husband, a son and a professional and I stand resolute, in seeking redress through the robust justice system of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Thomas, through his attorney Mr. Lennox Sanguinette from Hove and Associates, issued a pre-action protocol letter to Mr. Naresh N. Siewah,” declaring my intention to sue for damages.”