NATUC takes issue with Government’s roll out of vaccines for 5 – 11 year olds

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NATUC takes issue with Government’s roll out of vaccines for 5 – 11 year olds

The National Trade Union Centre says it is forced to comment publicly on a recent newspaper article in which the Minister of Health failed to address issues raised in a Joint Public Declaration issued by civil society, medical professionals and trade unionists.

It said the Declaration clearly states that the paediatric Pfizer vaccine is an FDA Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) pharmaceutical being administered, without parental informed consent, regardless of the fact that there is no evidence of a COVID-19 emergency in children.

The Union it has asked that the EUA status be made clear in writing for all parents and/or guardians who “may want to consider” vaccinating their children, that the uncertain risk of heart inflammation be explicitly disclosed, that the MOH sets up a robust and publicly accessible vaccine adverse event reporting system and that it assumes liability for all serious vaccine associated adverse events or injuries.

NATUC disclosed it is against the vaccination of any children.

It is reminding the Minister that as the head of Public Health Establishment he has a duty to ensure that the principles of informed consent, as enshrined in the Physician’s Code of Conduct* are upheld when an investigational vaccine is being administered to children.

It noted the Minister of Health, as a public servant entrusted by the electorate, must inform citizens of the known risks of serious adverse events declared by the FDA, lest the public’s confidence in the MOH messaging be further eroded.