NAPSPA hopes SEA delay allows for outstanding issues to be dealt with by MoE

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NAPSPA hopes SEA delay allows for outstanding issues to be dealt with by MoE

The National Primary Schools Principals’ Association (NAPSPA) is in support of the Education Minister’s decision to postpone the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exam to July 1st.

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly yesterday said the June 10th exam would be postponed to July 1st, due to increases in COVID-19 cases in the past several weeks.

NAPSPA President, Carlene Hayes, said via a release, “Our Association has always held strong views that the health and safety of students, teachers, and all stakeholders must be given top priority in decision making.”

NAPSPA is hoping the delay would be sufficient time for officials to deal with a number of outstanding issues which they believe are critical to the safety and well being of all involved.

These include preference being given to principals and staff who would like to receive the vaccine and will be involved in the administration of the SEA 2021.

Haynes said, “Based on data collected, even though 38 per cent of primary school teachers would have initially volunteered to work for SEA 2021, at least 20 per cent of them have now changed their minds due to the drastic increase in COVID- 19 cases and related deaths.”

NAPSPA is also calling for consultation with principals, “since they are the ones who are being called upon to interact with students, parents and other persons physically at schools and therefore continually put themselves (and by extension their families) at risk.”