Naiee Singh’s murder :Another  failed restraining order

Naiee Singh’s murder :Another failed restraining order

Four women have already been killed in 2020 in January alone. Naiee Singh was the victim of verbal and emotional abuse for many years until she did what all women are told to do… leave him.

So she left her abusive husband and got a restraining order, but that did not save her. The 31 year old was hunted and shot to death yesterday. Singh, 31, was shot twice to the head and died in the car park of her workplace at Venture Credit Union, Southern Main Road, Couva.

Her abuser and killer was her estranged husband Roger Singh, 32, of Balmain, Couva. After he shot her he committed suicide with a .38 revolver.

Her coworkers witnessed the grizzly event. He parked his car in the car park and waited for her and at 7:55 he got out of the car and walked toward her , pointed the gun to her head and fired twice. She died at the scene. Naiee Singh had just parked, she was shot she emerged from her vehicle.

They had been married for ten years but had no children together. He was the father of one. Her family said he had been abusive to her for most of the marriage. He was also very abusive to her family. Last week she obtained a restraining order from the Magistrates Court based on domestic abuse but even that could not save her.

Venture Credit Union chief executive officer Ramesh Lutchman describes her as polite, hardworking and loyal. Her colleagues are traumatized and will receive counseling. She worked with the company for the past three years.

In 2019 alone over 35 women and girls were killed. Last week, the Gender-Based Violence Unit (GBVU) was formed by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

At the launch, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith apologised for the TTPS not doing enough in the past to tackle domestic violence in this country and said the new unit was intended to tackle the issue more effectively.