Nakhid wants forensic audit of the Children’s Authority

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Nakhid wants forensic audit of the Children’s Authority

Opposition Senator, David Nakhid said both the Prime Minister and Minister of Child and Gender Affairs, Ayanna Webster-Roy, have to take responsibility for the failures of the Children’s Authority, as it falls under the Office of the Prime Minister.

Speaking at the United National Congress’s Monday night Virtual Report, Nakhid said $378 million has been given to the Children’s Authority since 2016 and the PM and Webster-Roy need to show accountability.

He said as of February 28, 2021, 957 children were in the care of the Children’s Authority, which works out to about $80,000 per year per child. So where did that money go?

“We have to ask and we have to call for a forensic audit of this Children’s Authority. That must be done to determine – that $378 million, where has it gone between 2016 and 2020?”

Nakhid also blamed both the PM and Webster-Roy for the recent escape of five boys from the Children’s Authority’s supervision – two of whom were killed on March 28.

He stated that Rowley “couldn’t find one flimsy minute to talk about these boys” while Webster-Roy made a misleading connection between the killing of these boys and gangs?

Nakhid said “No one until now can say with any certainty that this has anything to do with gangs.
“In fact, we’ve heard differently. I’ve heard, going up on the hill four times in the last ten days, that these boys were pimped out.”