Nakhid: The next President will be whoever Rowley wants it to be

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Nakhid: The next President will be whoever Rowley wants it to be

The Opposition can have their say but the PNM will have their way in the choice for the country’s next President.

This is the belief of UNC Senator David Nakhid as he spoke with news Power Now to reflect on Paula Mae Weekes’ term as president and the looming election of her replacement.

Prime minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday revealed that Weekes accepted the nomination to serve as President on the condition that she will only serve one term if her mother were still alive at the end of her first term.

That term however has been mocked by the public who claim she has been “absent” while the opposition accuse of her of being pliant to the PNM Government after her alleged role in the Merit List scandal.

This caused the UNC to agitate for her dismissal and saw the country for the first time witness a Parliamentary debate seeking the removal of a sitting President.

It was during this fiasco that senator Nakhid captured the headlines as he referred to her using a controversial derogatory term.

He told News Power Now that it was nothing personal and suggested that her departure from the office is for the best.

On the topic of her replacement, Nakhid argued that on the basis of the Merit List fiasco, the next president should be someone strong enough to assert the Independence of their office.

Social media is also having its say on the matter with Appeal Court Judge Gillian Lucky being cited as someone who is able to do just that and a prime candidate for the position.

However Nakhid noted that while Lucky may make an excellent candidate, the next president will ultimately be whoever the Prime minister wants it to be.